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FSPause is a revolutionary new utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane that allows users to remotely control their simulator from anywhere in the world. FSPause runs in the background of your computer and reports your flight information to our servers so that users can monitor and control their simulator anywhere. Now when you get stuck in traffic, your run to the store takes too long, or you just want to make sure your flight is still in the air, FSPause will be there to save your flight easily on nearly any mobile device. FSPause includes the following:

  • Locally schedule pauses
  • Remote control on any device, including mobile website
  • Map of flight
  • Flight data table
  • Computer screenshot
  • Remotely pause/unpause FS
  • Remotely add fuel
  • Remotely schedule pauses
  • Remotely close VATSIM clients
  • Remotely minimize/maximize FS (for screenshot/virtual memory usage purposes)
  • Low fuel warning text message settings (available for most carriers)
  • Stall warning text message and pause settings (available for most carriers)
  • Premature descent text message and pause settings (available for most carriers)
  • Streamlined ticket-based technical and order support system
  • Continuing development and expansion of the product based on costumer wants/feedback

FSPause includes access to our web servers for the life of the product as well as access to our 24/7 support system.


" What an awesome Flight Simulator Tool! "

- Kyle

" Amazing product! It helps alot in my video development and runs amazing along side FSX! 10/10 "

- Mitch Byers

" One word to describe FSPause... WOW! "

- Jon Lamb

" I have used FS Pause and all I can say is WOW!! This product is extraordinary and I recommend it to every flight simmer! Perfect for when you are on the go! "

- James Cummings

" Great idea. Thanks. Would love to have a map that shows all current flights on FS Pause. Like those seen on some VA sites Otherwise great! "

- Dave Rawlings